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Outdoor Bicycle Theme | Extensively customizable | MEDIAHAUS

Outdoor Bicycle Theme | Extensively customizable | MEDIAHAUS

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  • MEDIAHAUS - Die Medienmanager
  • 1.0.0
  • 2 Sep 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.2.0 – 6.2.3 – – – – –
Outdoor Bicycle Theme | MEDIAHAUS Dive into the world of cycling and recreational cycling... more

Product information


  • Responsive design with a modern look
  • User-friendly usability
  • Realize personal design
  • Extensive setting options
  • Properties as separate tab


  • Configurable Sidebar
  • Extensive color settings in the theme
  • Quick change of copyright texts & logo
  • Display payment & shipping methods automatically in the footer
  • Customizable newsletter area above the footer


Outdoor Bicycle Theme | MEDIAHAUS

Dive into the world of cycling and recreational cycling with our revenue increasing and versatile adaptable Outdoor Bicycle Theme. 

This innovative theme was developed solely for bicycle dealers and was specially adapted to the needs of your customers. The shopware 6 Theme offers the perfect stage for an ideal product presentation and inspires your customers for the trends of tomorrow.

The special features of our theme

Besides a professional and sustainable design our theme offers numerous plugins and extras in a value of 120 €.

With these features we guarantee your customers an exciting and unique shopping experience. The Outdoor Bicycle Theme contains numerous extras that will help you to stand out from the competition, improve your customer loyalty and ultimately increase your sales.

Configurable Sidebar

Customize your Sidebar according to your personal needs. No matter if you want to adjust your text, the background color or the text color.

In the Shopware standard you can only place your logo on the left side, now you have the option to display your company logo also centered. This way your logo is directly visible for customers.

Configurable sidebar
Customize your sidebar according to your personal needs. No matter if you want to adjust your text, background color or text color.

Extensive color settings in the theme
Let colors speak for themselves and create a unique online experience with the extensive color and design settings of our theme.

Quick change of copyright text & logo
In our theme you can easily and quickly add your copyright text and also your logo and change it at any time. This saves time and complex programming work.

Customizable newsletter area above the footer

Customize the area above the footer, change background colors, font colors and text to your liking. 

Payment & shipping methods automatically displayed in the footer
You have changed your payment methods or you deliver with another supplier now? Avoid unnecessary work and display these changes automatically in the footer.

  • Configurable sidebar (cost: 40 € | Included in the Theme free of charge)
  • Extensive color settings in the theme (cost: 15 € | Included in the theme free of charge)
  • Quick change of copyright texts & logo (costs: 20 € | included in the theme free of charge)
  • Payment & shipping methods automatically displayed in the footer (costs: 20 € | Included in the theme free of charge)
  • Customizable area above the footer (cost: 25 € | Included in the theme free of charge)
  • Properties as separate tab

Experience our standard

Thoughtful design

Get more than just standard with our theme. Our lovingly designed theme offers you everything you need to customize your online shop. Experience extensive color settings that fulfill all your wishes and create your personal Responsive Design with just a few clicks.

Support - Enjoy the best service

Customer support for our Plugins & Themes is as important to us as the development of new and innovative software. That's why you will receive answers to your questions within the shortest possible time or we will find a solution for your request together with you.

Always up to date

For each of our Plugins & Themes we offer continuous updates that not only increase performance but also provide you with new features. So you always stay up to date.

Our customers are enthusiastic

We at MEDIAHAUS have been making sure that our customers are always satisfied for over 40 years. No matter whether you buy a plugin for Shopware 5 or Shopware 6, or decide to purchase a theme. We offer you our all-round service which makes our customers happy and ensures our top ratings.

Reach success with our themes & plugins

We have the right plugin or theme for the successful optimization of your website or your online shop. Our products offer the ideal total package for e-commerce experts or beginners without any previous knowledge. Simple, fast and customer-oriented - the perfect solution for you.

FAQ - All you need to know

How do I configure the sidebar?
You can activate the sidebar via "Settings" > "System" > "Plugins" and afterwards in the "Configuration" of the theme. There you will also find the option to add or customize information like phone number or URLs.

Can I change the position of thumbnails?
Yes, you can decide via "Settings" > "Plugins" > "System" "Configuration" whether the additional product images should continue to be displayed below the image or on the left side of the image.

Is there cross-selling?
Sure, on the article detail page you can display different accessory articles via a slider. To do this, go to "Catalogue" > "Products" and edit the individual articles. Under "Cross-Selling" you can activate or deactivate existing accessory articles or create new "Cross-Sellings". As soon as you have defined a title, this title will be used as a heading on the article detail page and Cross-Selling is activated.

Can I select specific products for cross-selling?
Of course, products can be manually selected or you can use dynamic product groups. To assign products manually, select the relevant articles from the drop-down menu under "Product Mapping". Here you should pay attention to the position of the selected articles, as this is the order for the frontend view. On the other hand, if you would like to create and use a dynamic product group, you can create it via "Catalogue" > "Dynamic product groups" and edit it afterwards.

How can I add and change seals in the header?
Seals can be added and maintained quickly and easily via the theme settings. If you would like to link your seal, you can do this using the text modules "additional-logo-link" and "additional-logo-link2".

Our tutorial will help you easily adjust and set up the individual configurations.

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Version 1.0.0

Initial Upload of the theme

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