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Vouchers, purchase vouchers & coupons - EasyCoupon

Vouchers, purchase vouchers & coupons - EasyCoupon

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  • Net Inventors GmbH
  • 4.3.0
  • 28 Jul 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
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Whether for a birthday , as a claim credit or marketing campaign : Vouchers are ideal... more

Product information


  • Create and manage vouchers
  • Offer purchase vouchers with a fixed value, variable value (from to), graduated values (5,10,20, x)
  • Supports general and individual vouchers
  • Supports the redemption of multiple vouchers at the same time
  • The validity of the vouchers can be flexibly configured using the rule builder


  • API for creating and querying vouchers
  • Add vouchers to the shopping cart using a link
  • Retention of residual value (voucher can be used for several purchases until the credit is used up)
  • Overview of vouchers in the customer account, show / hide assigned vouchers in the customer account


Whether for a birthday, as a claim credit or marketing campaign: Vouchers are ideal accelerators for sales in your online shop. They ensure successful customer loyalty and larger shopping baskets and increase your sales in the long term. It is particularly important that vouchers can be reliably and individually created and easily managed. In addition, the residual value of a voucher is now part of good practice for most online retailers. With our plugin "EasyCoupon", all this is now also available for Shopware 6 - and with additional practical features!

First of all, you can always decide for yourself whether you want to give the discount in euros or as a percentage. Instead of the previous Shopware 5, the new plugin now also gives you the option of creating individual vouchers that can only be redeemed by code for a single customer, but also general vouchers. For example, for Christmas promotions, the summer sale or special advertising campaigns. All your customers can then redeem these with the same voucher code (such as "SOMMER21").

Redemption rules via RuleBuilder

A highlight is the redemption restriction with the flexible Rulebuilder. You can define redemption rules for your vouchers - for example, that a voucher can only be redeemed for a certain period of time, for a certain customer group or for a certain purchase value. These restrictions are then automatically linked in the voucher.

Residual value preservation

Also on board is the optional residual value retention. This allows customers to redeem vouchers in parts, the remaining amount remains stored in the system and can be redeemed for further purchases up to the expiry date until it is used up.

Purchase vouchers

Even if you would like to offer vouchers as a product in your shop, "EasyCoupon" has the corresponding functionalities ready. Offer vouchers with a fixed value e.g. 10 EUR or configure graduated values (50 EUR, 100 EUR, 200 EUR) or let your customers determine the value of the voucher themselves - here you can determine a from to value. Of course, you can also configure the redemption rules for your purchase vouchers via RuleBuilder.

Redeem multiple vouchers

Via plugin configuration you can globally define whether your customers can redeem several vouchers at the same time. In the voucher itself, it is also possible to exclude a combination with other vouchers.

Redeem vouchers via link

Click on the link (example: to redeem the voucher. If there are no items in the shopping cart, the code will be saved in the session and taken into account during the checkout.



If the functionalities are not mutually exclusive, we can ensure that this plugin is compatible with all of our own plugins. Compatibility with third-party plugins, for which For example, we cannot guarantee that Shopware's premium plugins count. If there are any problems, our support will be happy to help you. Of course, we keep our plugins compatible with a new Shopware version. Here we refer to the Shopware Community Edition with Standard Responsive Theme.


Do you need support? Our support team will be happy to help you competently in German and English. Support is available for all our paid plugins.

To make a support request, either use your Shopware account or use our support portal at - here you will also find a lot of helpful information.

To quickly process your request, make sure of the following:

  1. the current version for the respective Shopware version of the plugin is installed
  2. there is a valid subscription to the plugin
  3. the problem also occurs in the Shopware standard theme and with deactivated third-party plugins
  4. no changes were made to the plugin by you or third parties

We will of course support you anyway, but we will calculate the support according to the effort.

Trial version

Of course, you can first test all of our plugins for 30 detailed days. Take a look at the different functionalities and try everything out before you decide to rent or buy. If you need advice, we are happy to help. Simply contact our support at

Individual development

If a plugin does not fully meet your requirements, we would be happy to expand or adapt it according to your individual wishes. Of course, we also create your own plugin. Simply contact us and tell us what we can do for you.


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Customer reviews

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Schneller Support

29 Jun 2021

Als ich das Plugin installierte funktionierte es leider durch ein Shopware update nicht mehr.
Nach einem kurzem Anruf und einer Ticketeröffnung wurde sich dem Thema schnell angenommen und auch sehr schnell behoben. Das Plugin funktioniert nun wieder so wie es soll.


Jetzt fehlt nur noch eine ausführliche Dokumentation.

Net Inventors GmbH
2 Jul 2021

Vielen Dank für die tolle Bewertung. An der Dokumentation: arbeiten wir kontinuierlich, um diese weiter zu verbessern.

Installation manual


Installation via plugin manager

You can find more information online in the manual.


Version 4.3.0

  • [#36588] Improved voucher menu in the administration
  • [#37697] New redemption condition: cart amount
  • [#37792] Fixed issue with condition "Maximal redemptions"
  • [#37919] Calculation of the residual value in the administration improved

Version 3.4.6

  • [#37919] Calculation of the residual value in the administration improved
  • [#37792] Fixed issue with condition "Maximal redemptions"

Version 4.2.1

  • [#37891] Adapted creation of random vouchers (for testing)

Version 3.4.5

  • [#37891] Adapted creation of random vouchers (for testing)

Version 4.2.0

  • [#35961] Added button to create transactions for vouchers in the administration

Version 4.1.4

  • [#37865] Fix problem on currency exchange at storefront

Version 3.4.4

  • [#37865] Fix problem on currency exchange at storefront

Version 4.1.3

  • [#37786] Fixed problem with using the wrong class

Version 4.1.2

  • [#37628] Restored compatibility when sending mail

Version 4.1.1

  • [#37617] Fix problem with undefined method
  • [#37471] Fix calculation order of percentage and absolute vouchers in administration

Version 3.4.2

  • [#37510] Fixed error when considering deleted vouchers
  • [#37499] Remove "curly braces"
  • [#37495] Optimized snippets in checkout
  • [#37483] Incorrect value display in administration for foreign currencies

Version 4.1.0

  • [#37492] Orders/customers can now be opened directly in the transactions of a voucher
  • [#37488] Removal of unused code
  • [#37227] Vouchers can be placed in the shopping cart via a link with the code.
  • [#36808] EasyCoupon vouchers can now run before or after Shopware promotions
  • [#36623] API integration
  • [#37510] Fixed error when considering deleted vouchers
  • [#37499] Remove "curly braces"
  • [#37495] Optimized snippets in checkout
  • [#37483] Incorrect value display in administration for foreign currencies

Version 4.0.0

  • [#37239] Adjustments for SW 6.4
  • [#37367] New voucher rule "total redemption" to determine how often a voucher can be redeemed in total.

Version 3.4.1

  • [#37365] change rule label from "Maximum amount" to "Maximum redemptions"
  • [#37366] Improved display of general vouchers in the account
  • [#37369] Fix problem with redemption condition check after cart change
  • [#37372] Fix problem with maximum redemption value per customer

Version 3.4.0

  • [#36544] New option for purchase vouchers: Validity time
  • [#37094] Vouchers did not work after the order was edited in the administration

Version 3.3.0

  • [#36620] Display of the customer's vouchers in the customer overview of the administration

Version 3.2.2

  • [#36878] Plugin setting "Default voucher code pattern" did not work
  • [#36903] Removed invalid error message when redeeming a voucher in the administration order creation page

Version 3.2.1

  • [#36467] Add backend validation for purchase vouchers
  • [#36632] Purchasable coupon conditions will now be deleted from the database if the coupon is deleted
  • [#36595] Send header and footer with activation email

Version 3.2.0

  • [#36470] Added import/export profile

Version 3.1.4

  • [#36643] Change method call

Version 3.1.3

  • [#36633] Fixed incompatibility with LineItemCustomFieldRule

Version 3.1.2

  • [#36593] Fix wrong output of an error message in SW

Version 3.1.1

  • [#36499] Sorting in transaction overview did not work
  • [#36521] Adjustment of texts in the admin
  • [#36538] Added custom date range rule
  • [#36573] Orders could no longer be created in the administration

Version 3.1.0

  • [#36034] Added current voucher status on voucher detail page in administration
  • [#36295] Conditions for purchase vouchers
  • [#36126] New condition for voucher: limitation to customer
  • [#36085] New voucher property "Combine vouchers"
  • [#36124] Added "copy code" button
  • [#36466] Obsolete JavaScript optimized
  • [#36125] Added value type column to voucher prodcuts listing
  • [#36222] Removed redeem button in the account if remaining value of 0
  • [#36214] Info if no voucher was found in the account
  • [#36459] Display order number of voucher
  • [#36404] Improved creation of mail templates
  • [#36409] Check whether the plug-in is activated for the sale channel
  • [#36172] Changed name of a condition
  • [#36072] New plugin config: only show code after payment
  • [#36406] Product price fields have been disabled for purchase vouchers without fixed value
  • [#36073] Display remaining value of a voucher after order completion
  • [#36405] Adjustment of English texts in the admin

Version 3.0.2

[#36335] Rename classes

Version 3.0.1

- [#36302] Make faker only available in DEV mode

- [#36303] Adjust mail template installer

Version 3.0.0

New development of the EasyCoupon plugin for Shopware 6

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Net Inventors GmbH Net Inventors GmbH Shopware Solution Partner Shopware Solution Partner 88 Extensions 4.5 Ø Rating
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€ 374.25* € 499.00* Promotion valid until 31/07/2021 10:30
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