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We are PAY: nice to meet you! Making a payment online is something everyone does without giving it a second thought. Simply choose your payment method, enter your details and press the 'Buy' button: the products or services are delivered to you without a hassle. But behind those simple steps, there is a whole world of complex regulations, technology issues, quality assurance and control checks that need to be performed. That's where PAY. comes in: we ensure that tens of thousands of payments can be processed every day. As a close team of payments professionals, we work tirelessly from our offices in Enschede, Spijkenisse and Amsterdam to meet our objective of becoming the largest full-service omnichannel payment processor. If you are committed to delivering the very best service to your customers and if you are willing to comply with the payment rules and regulations, then PAY. will be more than happy to assist you. Whether you're processing a few or many transactions: PAY. welcomes you!

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