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rapidmail is a European newsletter software which puts the spotlight on your products - and thus enables you to boost sales. With just a few clicks, you can create modern and impressive newsletters, just like more than 100,000 companies from all sectors who already use rapidmail to send their newsletters.

Got a problem? Simply give us a call or email us: Our multilingual support team is available during office hours and will provide help in record time - at no cost! The fact that our customers have given us the best score - “Excellent - on Trustpilot shows that we’re doing a lot right.

With rapidmail, you don’t need to worry about data protection and data security: All our servers run in Germany only. Our newsletter tool with all its functions is 100% GDPR compliant - we’d stake our life on it!

An e-mail is only successful if it really gets through to the recipient. Our excellent delivery rates are proof that we send your newsletters reliably, bypassing spam filters to ensure they reach your customers.

Regardless of whether you design your newsletters to exactly match your online store or choose from one of our 250-plus free design templates: your newsletters will always look amazing with rapidmail - even on a customer’s mobile phone.

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