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MAGNIFY | PRO | Responsive Premium Theme

Rating: 4.8

Average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars

(5 reviews)
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  • 1-Click Demo Installation - In combination with the add-ons, shopping experiences are imported within seconds.
  • 1000+ Possibilities - The theme comes with countless settings, and together with the CMS Bundle and Theme Features, it is simply unbeatable!
  • Maximum Update Security and Compatibility - Adherence to the Shopware standard to a very high degree - no headaches in the future.
  • No Programming Skills Required - Even if you have no technical understanding, I promise you: You will love my themes!
  • Support Directly from the Theme Developer - I know exactly what needs to be done and what you should avoid. I'll guide you! ✌


  • Full Version of the Theme - Experience the theme to its fullest without limitations. The all-around package for shop owners and developers.
  • Suitable for Every Application - The theme provides a specific direction, but you can use it for any application.
  • SEO and Pagespeed Optimized - Performance and search engine optimization are key factors for the scalable success of your shop.
  • Lightweight Theme - Despite the many configuration options, the theme remains lightweight and will never disrupt your workflow.
  • Compatibility Optimized - The well-known issue of compatibility with third-party extensions is strongly addressed in my themes.
  • Social Media Integration - The trend is becoming more normalized. Let your customers share products and link your social channels.
  • Customizable Code - Meta information, CSS, and JavaScript can be easily managed through the theme settings. You are maximally flexible.
  • Constantly Growing Documentation - I aim to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with my themes. More information can be found in the documentation.

About the Extension

Hey, I’m Robin. Great to have you here! ✌
I developed and designed this theme, every single component, snippet, graphic, and text myself. I simply love what I do, and that’s why my highest priority is to make your entry into my software and Shopware 6 as easy as possible. You will receive the best support, custom programming upon request, and free theme updates directly from me.

Helpful Links: CMS Bundle - Addon | Theme Features - Addon | Book Shopware Setup Now

Features Worth Over €850 in Annual Rental Costs Included

You can also purchase some features of my themes as individual plugins or apps in the Shopware Store. However, many different extensions usually mean more maintenance, costs, inheritance instances, and support. You should try to keep the circle of your additional extensions as small as possible. This way, my themes save you a lot of work in the long run and, measured by the individual prices of the extensions, real money!

The prices are based on individual prices of the extensions in the Shopware Store, which provide the respective function in the same or modified form.

  • Custom Logo for Checkout Area
    (Individual price: €45 | included for free)

  • Newsletter Section in Footer
    (Individual price: €15 | included for free)

  • Fullwidth or Boxed Layout
    (Individual price: €30 | included for free)

  • Social Media Integration
    (Individual price: €15 | included for free)

  • Configurable Footer Area
    (Individual price: €65 | included for free)

  • Custom Header Area
    (Individual price: €50 | included for free)

  • Number of Products per Row (Product Overview / Category Pages)
    (Individual price: €40 | included for free)

  • Additional Information (EAN, Sales, Stock, etc.) on Product Page
    (Individual price: €30 | included for free)

  • Extensive Font Settings
    (Individual price: €70 | included for free)

  • Product Box Hover in Product Listing
    (Individual price: €40 | included for free)

  • Manage and Display Certificates
    (Individual price: €15 | included for free)

  • Customizable Category Listing
    (Individual price: €50 | included for free)

  • Custom Product Boxes
    (Individual price: €80 | included for free)

  • Adjustable Logo Size
    (Individual price: €10 | included for free)

  • Separation of Payment and Shipping Methods
    (Individual price: €15 | included for free)

  • Custom Scrollbar
    (Individual price: €10 | included for free)

  • Hover Effects in Experience Worlds
    (Individual price: €50 | included for free)

  • Background Images for Various Areas
    (Individual price: €50 | included for free)

  • Customizable Cookie Banner
    (Individual price: €5 | included for free)

  • Header Adjustments in Checkout Area
    (Individual price: €20 | included for free)

  • Custom CSS and JavaScript Code
    (Individual price: €5 | included for free)

  • Fixed Header
    (Individual price: €30 | included for free)

  • Configurable Search
    (Individual price: €15 | included for free)

  • Number of Rows of All Products in Listing
    (Individual price: €40 | included for free)

  • General Settings for Experience Worlds
    (Individual price: €20 | included for free)

  • Adjustable Breakpoints for Every Device
    (Individual price: €35 | included for free)

Core Features of the Theme at a Glance

My themes are highly configurable. Here is a brief overview of the most important features:

50+ Design Options for Basic Layout ➝ Primary and secondary colors, layout styles, backgrounds, responsive settings, listing - all configurable.

50+ Design Options for Fonts ➝ Customizable headlines, body text, quotes, fonts, font weights, line heights, and more - all configurable.

50+ Design Options for Header ➝ Various color settings and layout options, mega menu, logo settings, and more - all configurable.

50+ Design Options for Footer ➝ Certificates, social media, payment & shipping logos, newsletter, number of columns, and more - all configurable.

50+ Design Options for Forms ➝ From placeholders, labels, to field background colors, effects, and more - all configurable.

50+ Design Options for Category Pages ➝ Number of product columns, product cards, pagination, filters, sidebar, and more - all configurable.

50+ Design Options for Product Presentation ➝ Fit of product image, content alignment, uniform presentation - all configurable.


Add-ons for Unlimited Design Freedom

In addition to my themes, I offer add-ons that are specially tailored to my themes. I recommend using these add-ons with the theme, as you will receive extremely valuable functions and minimize the number of additional extensions. This way, you have all the functions from one source, saving you a lot of maintenance effort, a significant amount of costs for individual extensions, and using functions that harmonize 100% with my themes. The demo data import alone is extremely worthwhile, as you can set up your entire shop within a few clicks and then adapt the imported data for yourself.

Measured by the individual prices of the plugins/apps in the Shopware Store, you save over €3,000 in annual rental costs with one of my themes + add-ons!

I'll briefly go over the most interesting possibilities that open up for you in combination. For more detailed information, it's best to look at the add-ons in detail in the Shopware Store!


CMS Bundle - Addon → View in Store

100+ Pre-built Blocks and Elements → For the drag & drop creation of shopping experiences, you can choose from numerous blocks and elements.

Save Sections as Templates → Sections with all elements/blocks can be saved for reuse in all shopping experiences.

Control Blocks and Sections with Rules → Use the Shopware Rule Builder to create rules for the shopping experiences. Maximum flexibility!

Time-based Content → Schedule your content in advance with precise start/end dates to the minute. Shopping experiences will be displayed automatically.

Animations → Add dynamism to your content with numerous animation settings that you can edit in detail.

Offset Content → Create "depth" by layering blocks and elements. Combined with animations, 3D effects emerge.

Fixed Backgrounds / Parallax → Scrolling fixed backgrounds add another great extra effect to the shopping experiences.

Section Transitions → Over 100 SVG separator graphics as transitions for individual sections. Boring content transitions are a thing of the past!

Column Layouts → Flexible display of elements side by side (also mobile). Placeholders are flexibly replaceable with any elements.

Tile Layouts → Various predefined grid or tile layouts. Simply drag and drop into the shopping experiences.


Theme Features - Addon → View in Store

Demo Data Import → Set up the entire storefront, shopping experiences, categories, products, images, and more with just one click.

Custom Checkout Process → The Shopware standard checkout process has been completely overhauled. Focus on conversion optimization.

Customized Account Area → A tidy, update- and extension-compatible account area for your customers.

Mobile Navigation Menu as Simple Accordion → The Shopware standard navigation menu has been overhauled and simplified for mobile devices.

Sales Channel Switcher → Another dropdown menu appears in the top bar, linking all active sales channels in multiple languages.

Google Fonts → Easy and legally compliant integration into the storefront (optional cookie notice).

Custom Copyright → Set your own branding + link (optional) in the footer or remove it completely.

Fixed Add to Cart Button → The "Add to Cart" button is always visible and fixed, even when scrolling beyond the "Buy Box".

Icon Bar / USP Bar → Highlight the advantages of your shop. Freely placeable above the header or footer area of the shop.

Action Timer in Header → Alert visitors to an upcoming promotion. Visually appealing countdown timer with link.

Fixed Contact Widget → A fixed area on the edge of the browser window with contact information - quick contact.

Exit-Intent Popup → The popup appears (optional) when a visitor is about to leave your shop - shopping experiences support.

Manufacturer Info / Additional Tab → On the product detail page, you can explicitly highlight the product's manufacturer.


Need help with setting up your shop?

Are you looking to kickstart your e-commerce business but still need the right online shop? I'll create your turnkey online shop at transparent, fair prices.

Website: www.rh-webdesign.com


  • Available: English, German
  • Latest update: 2 July 2024
  • Publication date: 13 February 2020
  • Version: 2.5.11
  • Category: Fashion + clothing


Reviews (5)

Average rating

Average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars

Based on 5 reviews
4.6 Functionality
5.0 Usability
4.8 Documentation
4.8 Support

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Perfekter Support, Tolles Plugin für neues Theme

Average rating of 5 out of 5 stars

by AR
6 November 2020 16:59
Freundlicher und kompetenter Support der bei Installation hilft. Theme sieht genial aus. Kann ich nur empfehlen. Danke an RH.
5.0 Functionality
5.0 Usability
5.0 Documentation
5.0 Support
Einfache Einrichtung, viele Möglichkeiten, TOLLER Support

Average rating of 5 out of 5 stars

by H. Frank
2 June 2020 08:26
Das Theme ist super und für uns absolut perfekt. An dieser Stelle möchte ich auch noch einmal den exzellenten Support loben. Es wird immer sehr schnell reagiert und auch über das Theme hinaus werden Fragen beantwortet! Ich bin absolut zufrieden!!! TOP :)
5.0 Functionality
5.0 Usability
5.0 Documentation
5.0 Support
Gutaussehendes Theme und super Support

Average rating of 5 out of 5 stars

by Jonathan Posch
16 September 2021 10:06
Das Theme sieht sehr professionell aus. Die Funktionen überzeugen gegenüber dem Standard-Theme von Shopware. Die Bearbeitung und Nutzung des Themes ist intuitiv und verlief ohne Probleme. Der Support bei Anfragen war sehr schnell und zuverlässig.
4.0 Functionality
5.0 Usability
5.0 Documentation
5.0 Support
Sehr zufrieden! Ausgezeichnetes und flexibles Theme!

Average rating of 5 out of 5 stars

by Micha Lehmann
12 October 2020 23:37
Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit dem Theme, es lässt sich vieles einstellen und flexibel gestalten, auf Support Anfrage wurde sofort reagiert und sogar ein dementsprechendes Update herausgebracht! Vielen Dank!
5.0 Functionality
5.0 Usability
5.0 Documentation
5.0 Support
Neues dynamisches Template

Average rating of 4 out of 5 stars

by Karl Mittermayr
9 May 2020 09:58
4.0 Functionality
5.0 Usability
4.0 Documentation
4.0 Support

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