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We live e-commerce with every cell.

codeenterprise has been a Shopware partner for 7 years and since 2014 we are a plugin manufacturer with more than 10.000+ downloads.More than 100 shopware shops have gone live with us successfully and since 2018 we are 100% Shopware agency.
As an agency with a technical focus, we love to analyze complex issues and processes to find out where we can make you better.
Similarly, we love to turn your theme upside down until you are amazed.
Or we solve this one annoying problem that only occurs in your shop.
codeenterprise walks the way with you and we build your shop together.We help you with interface integration, redesign and all technical issues. We are your idea creator, problem solver and helper in times of need.
We advise you in everything what's on your mind. Just call us or send us an E-Mail.
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