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  • WEBCentric
  • 1.0.1
  • 2 Jul 2021
  • en_GB
  • 6.0.0
    6.1.0 – 6.1.6
    6.2.0 – 6.2.3 – – – – – – – – – –
Outsmart your competitors! Check out how to start and  create an account  - Integration... more

Product information


  • Gives you a full overview of the market - check where you stand compared to your competitors
  • Alerts you whenever a price/availability change is detected on monitored websites
  • The repricing module provides you repricing suggestions, so you can become more competitive
  • Helps you increase your sales and revenue
  • Lets you stay on top of your competitors' pricing strategies


  • Price Comparison
  • Price Change Alerts
  • Reporting & Price Analytics
  • Product Data Extraction
  • Product Matching
  • Repricing
  • API Integration


Outsmart your competitors!

Check out how to start and create an account -Integration guide

***Please note that Price2Spy's Shopware app is free, but using the services of Price2Spy comes with a monthly cost, depending on the number of competitor URLs you’re using, and the account type – a full breakdown of options can be seen here. You are welcome to test our services free for 30 days

Price2Spy is one of the oldest price monitoring services in the world. It offers a complete and accessible tool for scraping online product data, monitoring prices in competitor online shops and implementing dynamic pricing strategies. Not only does the platform track prices, but it can also make comparisons between competitors, look for patterns when prices increase or decrease, send alerts in case of any price/stock changes, and create analytics in order to make pricing decisions without losing profit. With Price2Spy's Repricing Module, you can define your own pricing strategies identifying which products can go up / down in price, and get these prices changed in your online store. Once you integrate your Shopware store with Price2Spy, you will have the ability to perform real-time repricing according to your own pricing strategies. There is little to be done from your end in order to get the system up and running - start by creating a Price2Spy account. For support, please contact

How it works?

  • Sign up for a Free 30 day trial account;
  • Let us know which sites you’d like to monitor. If you don’t know which websites to monitor – no problem, we can do website discovery for you;
  • Price2Spy needs to know which products you’d like to monitor. By linking your store with Price2Spy we will pull products from your Shopware store into Price2Spy - you're welcome to select only particular categories to start with.
  • And that’s it - We will match your products to your competitors and from the moment your competitor URLs have been entered in Price2Spy, it starts working for you: each day it will automatically check if the price on any of the online stores you have provided has changed. If the product price (or availability) has changed, Price2Spy will send you an alert email, so you are aware of the change. You will be able to instantly compare the prices on all online stores defined, which will enable you to swiftly make some important repricing decisions of your own.

Why Price2Spy?

  • It’s simple - In less than 5 minutes time you will be able to set up price checking for your first product. If you're too busy to set it up yourself, just send us a list of up to 25 products and we will match and set the price monitoring for you – free of any charge – as part of your free trial.
  • It’s powerful - It can check prices on any website, any language or currency - currently we monitor more than 70 000 sites – the number is growing on a daily basis.
  • It’s discrete - Price2Spy works for you, but your competitors will never know that you are monitoring their prices. Technically, it is our servers that perform this task.
  • It’s affordable - Our price plans are designed in such a way that the more you use it, the lower the price per product gets. There is no limit to the number of competitor sites we can monitor for you.
  • It’s flexible - You can track just a few products on one competitor website, and a whole lot with another one. What matters is just the total number of product URLs tracked.
  • It’s proven - Please check our testimonials page. We have proven on our own example that using Price2Spy results in both turnover and profit increase.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does this plugin do? Plugin description and installation manual here in the Community Store will provide you with instruction on how to link your Shopware store with Price2Spy so you can start comparing your prices and get repricing suggestions to make more sales!
  • Do i need an account to use Price2Spy? Yes, in order to use Price2Spy's funnctionalities, you first need to register for a free 30 day trial account, your Shopware store and send over a liist of competitors you wish to monitor to
  • Can I get a demo of Price2Spy? Of course! Go to and complete the form to schedule an online meeting during which we would explain in more detail how Price2Spy works!
  • Will my competitors know that I'm monitoring their prices? No! We will never disclose any details of any of our clients. Technically speaking, when Price2Spy checks competitor’s website, it’s done from one of our servers, not your computer. Thus, your competitor has no way of knowing who is checking his prices.
  • How much does it cost? All of our price plans are based on the total number of monitored competitor URLs - you can find a price plan comparison page here: If you're unsure which plan will fit your needs, please contact
  • Can I try Price2Spy before purchasing? Sure, you're welcome for a free 30 day trial - to register, just fill out the form on the following link:! During this time, your account manager will help you set up your account, so you can use its full potential and decide if you wish to subscribe. There are no commitments and no credit card is needed.
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Customer reviews

Installation manual

Easy integration in just a few steps!

  • Install the plugin.
  • To start using Price2Spy, please create an account in our app.
  • Once your Price2Spy account is created, please follow the steps explained in the Shopware integration guide. There are steps to be made both in your Shopware account and in Price2Spy.
  • Our support team will contact you, ask for a list of competitors you wish to monitor and explain the onboarding process.
  • You can use Price2Spy free of charge during the 30 day trial period - no credit card is required.

Note: Once you have created an account with Price2Spy, you will get a dedicated account manager, who will be helping you throughout the onboarding process. In case you encounter any issues, you can reach out to


Version 1.0.1

# 1.0.1

- The plugin now supports Shopware version 6.4.0.

- The plugin now requires at least Shopware version 6.4.0.

# 1.0.0

- First version of the Webcentric Price2Spy assistant for Shopware

Version 1.0.0

Version 1.0.0

  • First release in store

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