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BunnyCdn Media Storage Plugin v2

BunnyCdn Media Storage Plugin v2

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This plugin is available for Shopware 5
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  • Frosh48851065217f
  • Friends of Shopware
  • 2.0.3
  • 17 Dec 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.2.0 – 6.2.3 – – – – –
With this plugin you have a direct connection to your storage on BunnyCDN. Transfer your files... more

Product information


  • No utilization of your server due to access to the media.
  • Lower load times for visitors worldwide
  • Your backups are considerably smaller and faster because the media is not in the shop directory


With this plugin you have a direct connection to your storage on BunnyCDN.
Transfer your files from the media manager to BunnyCDN Storage.

Please note that you need an account at BunnyCDN.

This plugin is part of @FriendsOfShopware.
Maintainer from the plugin is: Sebastian König (tinect)

For questions or bugs please create a Github Issue

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Great CDN solution for better performance and flexible development

21 Oct 2020

The FROSH BunnyCDN solution is a must have plugin for every Shopware 6 site. It's easy to configure and will give you a better performing site with a better Google PageSpeed score.
The plugin is highly custimizable to your specific needs, whether you want to use it just for images or for theme and assets as well. As easy as a toggl in the administration. If you're hosting your own solution, the plugin can replicate your images on the server as well to satisfy your standard server backup solutions. Seems they thought of everything.

The plugin developers respond and fix issues incredible fast, so you're in good hands.


Vielen Dank!

20 Oct 2020

Super kostenloses Plugin. Erspart uns einiges an Datenverkehr und Platz.


Installation manual

You'll find the manual here


Version 2.0.3

  • fix duplicated url in sitemap

Version 2.0.2

  • Fix error for API-Test button for shopware 6.3.4

Version 2.0.1

  • Fix error while requesting headers from bunnyCDN

Version 2.0.0

  • Create filesystem configuration automatically based on plugin configuration.
  • Added option to use a recycle bin in bunnyCDN
  • Added option to prevent files from being deleted
  • Added option to replicate files locally
  • ATTENTION: You have to remove any existing configuration for previous versions of this plugin in the file `config/packages/shopware.yml` and the plugin configuration has to be filled.

Version 1.0.11

  • Fix error while reading files named with foreign characters

Version 1.0.10

  • fix wrong sitemap-url

Version 1.0.9

  • Compatibility to Please check the installation manual for changes in your shopware.yml.

Version 1.0.8

  • add workaround to respect lowercase headers of BunnyCDN

Version 1.0.7

  • fix wrong sitemap-url

Version 1.0.6

  • Fix problem with SitemapLister

Version 1.0.5

First release in Store

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